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The 4 Stages

Our 4 stage process is designed for your life and you're in the driver seat because you are as unique as your finger prints. You will be empowered to replace old habits with new ones that serves your future so you can receive more.

We Believe in spirituality and accept all belief systems as your right of passage.

Acknowledge and understand your history and future with a complete 360 assessment

The 360 Assessment will help you to acknowledge and understand your past. This will highlight your strengths and weaknesses along with the gifts that you have that are unique to you.



Discover Your True Identity

Working one on one with you we will discover your true identity allowing you to let go of the past and start living in sync with who you really are.


Discover Your Purpose

Together we will uncover your unique purpose. This is what will fuel your drive to build a future for yourself and provide the fire in your belly to give a sense of urgency. This fire will speed up your recovery 10 fold.


Creating A Vision For Your Life

We will help you create a vision for your life through reverse engineering. You will investigate and create a life that you know you will enjoy. It will be worth protecting and be one that you love. This is the best relapse prevention plan that delivers real world results.

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