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The solution was mostly discovered in 1997, 34 years to create the winning combination of the Accountability Program Est. 2020.
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Lee Krywko is one of those people that you feel blessed to have had the privilege of meeting. I met Lee during  a very rough point in my life, recovery. He helped me feel at ease when stress was consuming me. He quickly became a trusted friend and through genuine heart felt conversations he helped pick me up and give me hope. He was authentic and genuine. Like I said... Blessed!



I met Lee in October of 2020 and was immediately impressed by his interest in other people and his calm demeanor. I've watched him work with other men who I've been personally involved with, who have gleaned a lot of hope and wisdom from his style of approach, and his wealth of knowledge. I am continually impressed with his attitude, his ambition and his ability to work with others in a way that is relatable and helpful in the long term. I would absolutely trust him to provide guidance and help to a member of my own family. Lee is a great man, doing great things.



Hey Lee, thank-you for helping me thru my situation tonight. I appreciate all the time you give me and your sound advice. I believe the tools you suggested will be a great asset in my recovery. Thank you.
I think God has gifted you with helping people and avalanche is gonna be amazing, but if you could work here for awhile you would be invaluable to freedoms door.
Much respect and love.


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Addiction and the Work Place


According to Stats Canada, CBC and many more media outlets have felt the increase of substance abuse among employees. Because of this, employers expecting a backlash of negative results costing the bottom line. The Avalanche Recovery Center (ARC) challenges Canadian businesses with a pro-active approach.

First things first, watching for the signs of distraction, repeatedly arriving late and missing days altogether and even disability claims can help you spot a struggling team member. ARC wants to see employers offering a safe and confidential outlet for their team members, those who come in to work and those who work from home, where they can speak with an addiction’s specialist.

Recovery Coaches and Sober Companions have been able to help those struggling by teaching harm reduction or aiding in total abstinence with proven documentation all the way back to 2002. Nearly all of those who seek the help of recovery coaches and sober companions experience greater success than conventional methods such as AA, counselors or just treatment alone. A certified recovery coach is the missing link and will prove to be the key for ultimate success.

In some cases, your worker might need an intervention for there spouse or children so that they can be freed of stress and anxiety that addiction can cause for family members and ultimately stop distracting them at work. These high levels of stress can be directly related to future mental and physical health problems causing missed days, distractions and poor production. These issues are serious holes in the profit bucket. In creating this outlet for staff, their families and business partners; everyone gets a real shot for all round success.

Let’s tackle the issues, get pro-active!

Get a qualified, experienced and well-rounded professional to achieve the best results.